Month: February 2018

How to Charge Crystals – 5 Easy Ways

Get to know your crystals.  Spend quiet time with each one to connect with it.  Hold it in your hand and feel the energy coming off your stone.  Think about the purpose you bought this stone for and remind it what you’d like it to help you accomplish.  It’s a good idea to spend as much time as you can with your new crystals in the beginning, to attune yourself to their vibration.  You can hold them during meditation, set them on your desk or in a special place, put them in your medicine bag or keep them in your pocket. From time to time, you’ll want to cleanse and charge your crystals to remove excess energy they’ve taken on.

How to charge crystals

Here are 5 easy and natural ways to remove old energy from your stones and keep their vibration in-tune.


1. Running Water

Hold your stone under running water for a few moments and ask the water to wash away any old or negative energy.  Pat dry.  If you have access, fresh water from nature, such as a river, lake or stream is best.

(Don’t use water on super soft minerals such as Selenite or Desert Rose though, as they’re made of gypsum and sand from the desert.  Water will break them down.  Most crystals are hard and water works well, but check on any specific ones you aren’t sure about.)

2. Sea Salt

Put your crystals in a small dish covered with sea salt and let them sit for several hours.  Sea salt is a natural cleanser that draws out old energy and reconnects your stones with the earth from which the salt and stones came.  You could store your crystals in a dish of salt so that they’re always clean and charged when you need them.

3. Smudge with White Sage

Using a single sage leaf or smudge stick, carefully light one end.  Allow it to burn for a moment, then blow it out.  A purifying smoke will be emitted from the embers.  Wave the smoke around your stones ceremonially, while asking the spirit of the sage to clear away any negative, dark or old energy from your stones.  This technique is called smudging.

4. Moonlight

Allowing your stones to sit outside or on a windowsill to soak up the moonlight is a popular way of charging your stones.  Full moon light is the best.

5. Sunlight

Take them outside to bathe them in full sunlight is another popular way to charge your crystals.  You can do a full day of both sun and moon light too!


You can do any combination of these cleansing methods.  For example, I like to smudge them with sage, run them under water and then set them outside under sunlight and moonlight.


Home Blessing Ceremony

Are you moving into a new home or preparing to sell your home? That is a great time to do a Home Blessing Ceremony.  You can do this blessing ceremony anytime to improve the energy in your home, this Home Blessing Ceremony is a beautiful practice.  Repeat as often as you feel you need to.

The mentioned home blessing ceremony tools are available from Scentual Goddess.

Home Blessing Ceremony

Set the mood:

Allow yourself at least an hour of uninterrupted time to complete this home blessing ceremony.  Turn off your cell phone, television and any other distractions.  It’s a good idea to remove your jewelry as metal can draw in and hold onto energy.  It’s also best if you can take a bath or shower before starting your ceremony so that you cleanse away the old energy from yourself before beginning. Playing soft, high vibrational, instrumental music during your ceremony helps raise the vibration in your home further.

Tip: You can play great music like this from the Pandora app if you have it installed on your phone.  My favorites are Native American flute music by Douglas Bluefeather or Niall, or the song Yoga Dreams by Soulfood.  Just search for them in Pandora.  I play this type of music all the time in our home.) You may wish to light more candles throughout your home for additional ambiance as well.


Open the ceremony

Begin in the center of your home.  Light the Home Blessing Candle.  Call in any guardian spirits you wish.  You can call in Great Spirit, the Archangels, the guardian spirits of the elements Earth, Fire, Water or Air, the guardian spirits of the Four Directions, your spirit guides, past love ones, whomever you wish to help you with this blessing ceremony. Ask that they guide you, protect you and assist you in bringing blessings of love, joy, peace, prosperity and health into your home for all who live there and who come to visit.


Smudge & Bless Each Room

Starting at the furthest point away from your main entry, walk your home room by room.  Use the smudge stick and ask the spirit of the sage to cleanse away all negative energy.  Ask your guardian spirits to bring blessings into that room.  Use the Many Blessings Spray to ceremonially bless each room as you go along.  You may wish to ask for different blessings based on the use of each individual room. Repeat this all throughout your home until you’ve reached the main entry door.

Sample prayer: “Great Spirit, thank you for blessing our home.  I ask that all negative energy be cleared away and that love, joy, peace, prosperity and good health fill our home. Thank you!” Take your time and use your own words to ask for what you wish.


Protection Walk

Next, take the Protection Salt and go outside to walk the perimeter of your home and / or your property line.  Sprinkle a little salt as you walk, asking Spirit for blessings of protection for your home and all who inhabit it.


Plant the Love

Place the Rose Quartz stone in a special place and ask for love to radiate from it.  You can put it on a window sill or hearth, bury it in the yard or a plant, or anywhere you wish.


Close the Home Blessing Ceremony

When you’re finished, be sure to thank all whom you’ve called in for help.  Thank God, Goddess, Great Spirit, the Universe, or whatever name you prefer, for the blessings bestowed upon your home, yourself and your family.  Whenever you’re ready, blow out the Home Blessing Candle and say a final “Thank you!”.

Transform Your Self Talk

We all have that voice in our heads that string together an endless array of thoughts all day long.  Self talk is the only thing you can’t get away from in this world.  That voice reminds us of all the things we have to do, should do, should feel bad that we didn’t do.  It looks back to the past to kick you in the ass for not doing this and lays blame on you for doing that.  When you look in the mirror it makes you feel bad about yourself for not looking like “them”. As you lay your head on the pillow at night it blames you for not getting enough done.  In the morning, it overwhelms you with everything you have to do to be enough today. Am I right?


A big part of why people end up on a spiritual journey

is that voice drove us to insanity, until we we finally said enough!


There have been a lot of authors who address that internal voice.  The first time I remember hearing someone talk about it was Eckhart Tolle on Oprah many years ago. In his book A New Earth he described that voice or self talk as “the ego”.  Hearing him describe the voice was the first time I remember realizing that it wasn’t just me.  I felt hopeful and like someone understood what was going on in my mind.  That was about the time my spiritual journey had just begun.

I tried meditation, but honestly I wasn’t disciplined enough to make it a daily habit then.  Soothing music helped, so I began playing that while I worked from home during the day.  Journaling to clear out emotional gunk also really lessened the same old thoughts from continually coming back once I dug them up and cleared them.  With time, I was able to significantly shut down that voice.  There was finally some space between my thoughts.

The big aha! Self talk is transformed by Self Love

For several years now, I’ve been going along thinking I was doing pretty well with it.  Recently, I had a big aha!  After a terrible breakup with a guy I thought was my soulmate, I felt like I broke into a million pieces.  Now, I see that spirit orchestrated that to break me wide open so I could heal the real root of the issue.  That damn “not good enough” belief.  It plagues SO MANY of us!  Once I seen that at my core I still wasn’t free from that belief and that self love was the issue I really needed to lean into, everything changed.

They say “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.  Well the next book on my path to transform that negative voice literally almost fell of the shelf at me.  The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz had been sitting on the shelf in my bedroom for probably three years.  I bought it but never felt drawn to read it, until that moment.

Change how you think

A couple pages in and I was mesmerized!  He was talking all about the connection between self talk and a lack of self love from the “not good enough” belief.  Finally, I must have been ready to hear the message.  The book is small and an easy read.  I quickly absorbed it in a couple hours.

Don Miguel Ruiz describes the Toltec people from ancient Mexico.  “Toltec” means “artists of the spirit”. They were a peaceful, spiritual tribe who had a unique way of seeing the world and how we humans fit into it.  He explains that as children we have been “domesticated” by our parents, teachers, peers and the media.  Our little minds were inundated with beliefs and agreements that we formed of how the world worked and what we needed to be or not be.  These agreements stick with us subconsciously.

Without spoiling the book for you, here are The Four Agreements he describes that you need to make and keep with yourself.

What are The Four Agreements?

  1. Be impeccable with your word
  2. Don’t take anything personally
  3. Don’t make assumptions
  4. Always do your best

He relates each of these agreements back to self love.  The book explains how talking negatively about yourself, taking other people’s actions and words personally is hurting you.  He goes on to explain why making assumptions sends so many negative messages into your mind which hurt for no reason.  Ruiz ends the book with a beautiful story about self love and where it comes from and how you can get it.

If your path has lead you to realizing your need for more self love and self care, I highly suggest reading The Four Agreements.

Don Miguel Ruiz has other books in his Toltec Wisdom series. I’m onto reading these next!


Meditation to release emotional baggage

Carrying around old pain and regrets from the past feels heavy.  It robs you of being able to be your best right now.  Actively taking action during meditation to release emotional baggage is so beneficial to your well-being and happiness.  Here’s a simple meditation you can use anytime and as often as you’d like to help you release old stuck energetic gunk.  Enjoy!


Bubble Magnet Meditation

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.  Imagine out in front of you there is a huge bubble.  Inside of this bubble is a very powerful magnet.  This magnet has the ability to draw out any old emotional baggage that you’re ready to let go of.  Go inside your body and feel or see where there is anything that feels dark and heavy.  Now imagine allowing that dark energy to be sucked out of your body by this magnet.  Watch as all of that old, stuck energy just flows out of you and fills up that bubble.  Let go of any anger, fear, regret, guilt, shame, embarrassment, sadness…anything you’re ready to let go of.  Let go. Release emotional baggage that’s been weighing you down.  See the bubble fill up with that dark energy.

When you feel like you’ve released everything you can right now, see the bubble moving out away from you.  Thank the bubble and the magnet for assisting you.  Watch as the bubble floats away from you.  It’s taking that old energy and returning it to Mother Earth, where it can be purified and recycled.

Take a few deep breaths.  When you inhale, imagine the air is beautiful white light.  This is the energy of love.  Breath it in deeply and allow it to fill all of that space where you just released from.  See yourself growing lighter and brighter with each breath!

How to get grounded and feel more peaceful

When you’re feeling scattered and frustrated, it’s helpful to stop and get grounded.

What being grounded mean?

When you’re grounded, you bring your attention out of your racing mind and back into your physical body.  By stopping to take a moment to stop and get grounded it helps you feel more calm and centered. It brings you a sense of inner peace.  Being grounded means that you’re connecting with the energy of the earth and feeling gravity support you.  It’s a way of bringing all of your energy back to yourself that’s been scattered about, so that you feel more peaceful and empowered.

How to Quickly Get Grounded

An easy way to get grounded is to stand with your feet shoulder width apart.  Close your eyes. Try to shut off your thoughts.  Feel the energy in your feet planted firmly into the floor or ground.  Imagine that energy going deep down inside Mother Earth.  Bring her energy back up through your feet and into your body.  Follow the energy back down into earth, then bring it back up into your body.  Hold your attention here as long as you need to feel a sense of peace and calmness fill you up.


For an even better experience, go outside barefoot and do this exercise in the grass, dirt or stone of Mother Earth.

You can ground yourself when you’re sitting in a chair too.  Just close your eyes and feel the chair supporting you.  Allow your energy to melt down into the chair and imagine it going down into Mother Earth.  You can connect with your Root Chakra for further balance.

How to meditate

Have you heard about meditation but don’t know what it is or how to do it?  Here are some tips for learning how to meditate for the first time.

What is meditation?

Meditation is simply the act of clearing your mind to bring you a sense of peace.  There is no right or wrong way to meditate.  You don’t have to sit for hours on a fancy pillow with your legs in lotus position.  Meditation can be just a minute or two of silence.  Learning to meditate is a personal practice that you will grow into and figure out as you go along.  No judgement.

Why should I meditate?

Inner peace.  That’s the whole goal of meditation.  It’s a chance for you to step out of your daily life and shut down the endless chatter in your mind to give yourself a break.  Meditation has been practiced and proved for thousands of years around the world.  People worldwide meditate every day for the simple reason that it works.  You can lower your blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety, be more productive, show up as a better person in your life by simply learning how to meditate.

meditation hands

I see people holding their hands like this, do I have to do that?

No.  You don’t have to sit in any twisted position or hold your hands in any certain way to meditate.  With time and practice you may want to, but you certainly don’t have to.  You can sit in a chair, on the floor or lay in your bed to meditate.  You can even be standing or sitting at your desk at work and still meditate.  The reason why some people sit in certain positions or hold there hands in different ways to for greater focus.  You can learn all that fancy stuff later, but for now, just relax and learn how to meditate first 🙂

How to meditate:

You can start by simply closing your eyes and focus on your breath.  Try to not think about anything and just feel and hear the air moving through you as you take a deep breath in, hold it, then slowly release. With each breath in, imagine a sense of peace filling you up.  When you exhale, imagine releasing all the stress and tension in your body.  Repeat with as many breaths as you feel you need.

Tip: I find it helpful to imagine + plus signs flowing in with my breath on the inhale, and minus signs leaving my body on the exhale.


What if I can’t stop thinking?

It’s ok if thoughts come into your mind.  Getting to the point where you can not think about anything takes time and patience.  We all have that racing mind.  When thoughts come in, just try not to get attached to them.  It can be helpful to picture them as words floating across in front of you and letting them pass right by and disappear.  When thoughts come in, just refocus on your breath. Learning how to meditate is a journey, not a destination.  Just be gentle with yourself and try your best.

Ok, that was great, now what?

Why not make meditation a daily gift you give yourself?  A great self care practice is to spend a few moments each morning in meditation before you begin your day.  It will help you feel more calm and grounded, which starts your day on a much better note.  Meditating again before bed can help you calm your mind, relax and get better sleep.

Guided meditation tracks are a great next step.  A guided meditation is where someone walks you through some relaxation techniques and takes you on an inner journey in your mind.  Guided meditation is perfect for you if you have trouble shutting off the thoughts, but want the benefits of meditation.  Going on an inner journey entertains your mind so the non stop self talk ceases.

You can also learn some different visualization exercises you can do yourself.

Mantras or using affirmations is another meditation technique you may want to try.  Pick a power phrase that you wish to focus on and try repeating that over and over in your mind while you meditate.  It can help calm the random thoughts and program your mind for the new ways of being you aspire to.  Here are a few mantras to try:

  • I let go of anything that no longer serves me
  • All the stress is leaving me now
  • Love fills every cell in my body
  • My life is getting better all the time


Hawk Spirit Animal Guide Message

There isn’t one big mountain to climb!


Hawk spirit animal guide came to me with a message the other day about how I view the path and perceived challenges ahead of me.  I’ve always felt like my to do list and mountain of things I “should do” was enormous.  Looking back now, I see that was a product of the “I’m not good enough, I’ll never be enough” belief.  This one huge mountain that I always thought I had in front of me to climb was the source of my anxiety and stress.  Just the thought of climbing it overwhelmed me and had me defeated before I even started.  I was always hoping that one day there would be a “ledge”.  The ledge would be a magical place where time slowed down, obstacles ceased, everything flowed together and I could finally “catch up”. For over twenty years I was plagued by the mountain.

Mount Everest

One big mountain to climb

In meditation, my Hawk spirit animal guide showed me a vision that changed my perspective completely.  The vision began from a high up perspective, Hawk and I were soaring high above the mountains in the clouds.  It was a dreary, somewhat dark, foggy scene.  As we flew along, Hawk pointed out that the mountains were all chained together and that there were many, as far as we could see.  At first my view looked like several mountains following along a horizontal path.  But suddenly, the mountains started getting shorter in size.  Hawk pointed out that there was not justone big mountain“.  In fact, he said, there are no big mountains, only small hills.

As I looked out I realized there were thousands of small hills spanning all directions.  My Hawk spirit animal guide began to tell me that this whole time I’ve been exhausting myself trying to climb that huge mountain that I’d never make it up.  That type of vision was self sabotage and was hurting me. He said to change my perspective and start seeing things I want to do and change in my life as smaller little hills.  As he’s telling me this, the scene was growing lighter and more colorful.  The fog lifted, the sun began shining and the mountains transformed from stark, cold grey masses to grass covered hills.

Break it down into small little hills

Hawk took me down closer to the hills and began pointing out that each one represented one new little habit I wanted to master.  Things like my daily mediation practice, drinking tea, exercising, eating clean foods, releasing excess weight… there all just a bunch of little hills.  He showed me that when I used to look at it as one big mountain I defeated myself.  But, if I only changed my perspective, I could get more excited about just exploring one little hill at a time.  About then, the mountains began to be covered with trees and bushes that had sparkling colorful objects all over them.  Hawk said “each little hill is full of treasures and magic – all you need to do is go explore them!


Go explore the treasures ahead of you

He then pointed out that there was no straight-line path either.  I have the freedom to explore one little hill, glean it’s treasures, and then pick any direction I wish to head to next.  There is no one set path of mastering these things that I need to follow.  This new vision filled me with excitement!  Just changing my perspective from viewing all of the things I want to accomplish and change to grow into my most authentic self from one big mountain of “have to’s” to making a game out of exploring one little hill at a time feels so good!

By the time the vision was over, the view looked more like this whimsical painting by Juli Cady Ryan


Thank you Hawk spirit animal guide for the beautiful vision!  I know this message came to me at the perfect time.  That week, I had just been listening to Brene Brown’s Braving The Wilderness book on audible.  Hawk’s vision helped me transform the scary image of the lonely cold wilderness into a magical treasure hunt!

Crown chakra opening

Your Crown chakra is the connection to your soul or higher self, the Divine and the entire Universe.  It’s through your crown chakra that you can transcend your physical body and connect with life on an energy level. Crown chakra opening is a beautiful experience!

Where is your Crown chakra located

About 2″ above the top of your head is your crown chakra.  The color is represented by the color purple.  You can imagine a ball of sparkling purple light that, like two french doors, opens to the heavens above.

opening crown chakra


Life aspects housed in your Crown chakra

Soul or Higher Self – You are an energetic being having a human experience, not just a human with a soul.  It is through your crown chakra where you can transcend and visit with your soul for guidance.

The Divine – Whether you prefer to say God, Goddess, All that Is, Great Spirit, or any other name for “God” among worldwide culture and religion, we’re all talking about the same thing. When you send prayers to the divine creator of the Universe you’re connecting through your crown chakra.

Connection to all of life – I believe in nature based spirituality, so from my perspective, the trees, grass, stars, moon, sun, earth, wind, fire, water, animals, mountains, oceans – everything in the Universe is all connected and one.  Through your crown chakra you connect with the Universe.

Although I never hear anyone else talk about this, I feel that your mind and brain are also connected to your Crown Chakra.

Reasons your Crown chakra may be closed

Unlike the lower chakras (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart & Throat) your Third Eye and Crown chakras don’t usually have blockages or emotional baggage to clear.  People typically just haven’t fully opened their crown yet.  The path of spiritual enlightenment is the journey to opening your third eye and crown as you step into your authentic beautiful soul.

However, if you feel your crown chakra is closed, it may be due to losing faith in the Divine from past pain you’ve experienced.  You can work on releasing that when you’re ready by doing some work in your Heart Chakra.  But more often, it’s just a matter of not having tuned into your crown chakra when life got in the way.  Turning your attention to opening it is usually all that’s needed.

Crown chakra opening tips

Meditation opens your crown chakra.  Here’s how I like to start my meditation practice each day is to sit in a chair and close my eyes.  First connect with your Root chakra.  See the ball of red light and imagine a grounding cord connecting you to Mother Earth.  Feel yourself being fully supported.  Move your attention up through each chakra and imagine them by color.  Say a mantra for each if you like.  When you get up to your Crown chakra, imagine it opening up like french doors.  Next, imagine a ball of sparkling white light above you. Feel the white light coming down through your crown chakra and filling every cell in your body.

I love to do this in the shower too!  Use the same process, but as you connect with the white light coming down through your crown, feel the water running on you and imagine it’s the white light.  I find this to be very refreshing, grounding and beautiful daily practice that only takes a moment to do. I call it a Chakra Shower 🙂

Mantras for Crown Chakra opening

Here are a few mantras that work well for crown chakra opening:

  • “I am my soul”
  • “The Divine is within me”
  • “The Universe supports me”
  • “Love and light fill every cell in my body”

More about your chakras: Overview of 7 Chakras, Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye

Aromatherapy tools:  crown chakra spray, crown chakra oil, crown chakra candle

Third Eye chakra

Your Third Eye chakra is the magical gateway to your intuition, your psychic senses and your dreams.  Often it’s called your Mind’s Eye.  Here’s some more information to get you started on your journey to opening your third eye.

Where is your Third Eye chakra located

Your Third Eye chakra is located in the center of your forehead, between your eyebrows.  You can imagine it like a large mystical eye opening if you wish.  The color of this chakra is a dark indigo blue.

third eye chakra opening


Life aspects housed in your Third Eye chakra

Your intuition and ability to connect with your inner guidance system is located in your third eye.  When you close your eyes and are able to see images in your mind, you’re using your third eye.  Everyone has this ability.  Everyone has psychic senses, but unfortunately not everyone taps into their power.  As you dream at night, you’re doing so through your third eye too.  If you’ve been practicing meditation or connecting with your spirit guides, you’re also using your third eye chakra.

I believe that your ears, as in the ability to hear messages from spirit, are also connected to your third eye.  As someone who hears messages in addition to seeing images, I think the two are connected and one in the same.  So if you’re psychic senses are more auditory – working with your third eye chakra will help you with both senses.

Cultures all across the world and back thousands of years all know the power of the mind’s eye.  Often you’ll see images of Hindu or Egyptian goddesses with a visible third eye on their forehead.  From Native Americans to Celtic traditions, Buddhists – they all believe in and have honored the power of the third eye, though each refers to it by a different name.

Reasons your Third chakra may be closed

Children are born with a wide open third eye, which is why they’re so imaginative and free.  It’s also why so many kids have psychic gifts.  Sadly, as we start to grow the outside world and programming from the world around us tends to close it up.  In his book The Four Agreements, author don Miguel Luiz refers to this dimming of our light as “domestication”.  If you’re interested in shutting off the programs you picked up from your parents, teachers, peers and experiences and returning to your best self, I highly recommend his book.

Unlike the lower chakras (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart & Throat) your Third Eye and Crown chakras don’t usually have blockages or emotional baggage to clear.  Typically it’s a matter of them just not being fully opened yet.  The path of spiritual enlightenment is the journey to opening your third eye and crown as you step into your authentic beautiful soul.

If you feel like you’ve been ridiculed or told to stop using your intuition, you may have some healing to do around that.  But for the most part, you can just lean into a new daily practice of opening your third eye through meditation.

Third Eye chakra opening tips

The most effective way I’ve found for opening your third eye is to close your eyes, imagine a large beautiful eye on your forehead, and imagine opening the eyelid until you can see inside your mind’s eye.  Hold your attention there as long as you can, and see what images you see.

Basically that’s all meditation is (at least the way I do it, lol).  This is a daily practice that will build and expand over time.  Maybe in the beginning you can only go there for a few seconds, but with practice, you’ll be able to hold your attention long enough to go on amazing journeys with your spirit guides.  Guided meditation tracks are perfect for opening your third eye!  The third eye is where shamanic journeying takes place.  It’s where I receive all of my spirit animal messages too.

Relax and have fun with it!  Opening your third eye is a beautiful gift.

Mantras for the Third Eye Chakra

Here are a few mantras that work well for throat chakra healing:

  • “I see through my mind’s eye”
  • “My spirit guides are always here to support me”
  • “Beautiful visions play out in my mind”
  • “My third eye is always open”
  • “I see”

More about your chakras: Overview of 7 Chakras, Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Crown

Aromatherapy tools:  third eye chakra spray, third eye chakra oil, third eye chakra candle

Throat chakra healing

Your Throat chakra is the gateway to the information you share with the world.  Throat chakra healing is about unblocking barriers to you being able to speak up for yourself, offer your wisdom and guidance and set boundaries to protect yourself.  Here’s some more information to get you started on your throat chakra healing journey.

Where is your Throat chakra located

Your Throat chakra is located in your neck.  The color is turquoise blue.  A warm energy sparkling light blue energy flows from an open throat chakra. When you tune into your throat, you can sometimes feel a ball of energy that seems to sit in front of your neck.

throat chakra healing


Life aspects housed in your Throat chakra

Through your Throat chakra,  You’re able to speak from your mind and heart.  Here, you share your wisdom and lessons you’ve learned through your life experience.  It’s also where you set boundaries to protect your sense of peace and joy.  The ability to say no to requests that you don’t wish to take on, to ask for help when you need it, and to speak up for yourself come from your throat chakra.  Your ability to speak, teach, guide and write also lives here.  When your throat chakra is open, you share your authentic voice open and freely.


Reasons your Throat chakra may be clogged

Your throat chakra can be shut down as a child if you were told things like “children are to be seen and not heard”, “your wrong” or “shut up” often. When we don’t feel heard or that our opinions don’t have value, it hurts your throat chakra, causing blockages in it or for it to close up.  People who have been involved with a controlling parent or spouse often have throat chakra issues also linked to solar plexus power issues.

The throat chakra is also one that can be too open or active.  If you struggle with talking to much, not knowing when to stop talking, yelling or screaming alot, or engaging in gossip, your throat chakra may need to be cleared and balanced.  Your throat chakra may be overshadowing the balance of your other chakras, which can make you feel out of balance or anxious.

By discovering where these issues are housed you can now turn your focus to throat chakra healing.


Throat chakra healing tips

Opening and clearing your throat chakra can be done in many different ways.  Here are some ideas for you to try:

  • Use your time alone in the car to clear it out.  Is there something making you so angry but you’re having trouble expressing it?  When you’re all alone in the car, let it out – yell, scream, cry – do whatever you need to release those words and emotions.  As with all frustrating emotions, it’s better out than in!
  • Practice meditating while using the “Om” mantra.  By pushing the dull, low tone of “Om” through your voice, it helps clear you throat chakra.
  • Sing!  When you use your voice, you’re clearing the energy in your throat.
  • Say no.  Practice the art of saying no to some little things that you don’t want to do.  Gradually, you’ll work your way up to setting bigger boundaries.
  • Drink soothing chamomile tea.  It’s good for your throat and calms you.  As you drink, imagine the herbs healing your throat chakra.
  • Journal – the act of writing out your thoughts is connected to your throat chakra.  You could also read your thoughts that you wrote out loud which would be even more beneficial.
  • Ask for what you need.  Pick something small and ask a trusted friend, family member or your spouse for it.  Delegating can be so difficult for some of us.  But over time, if you start with small things and make it a practice, you can gain the valuable support you really need.

Mantras for the Throat Chakra

Here are a few mantras that work well for throat chakra healing:

  • “I speak my truth”
  • “My voice has value”
  • “I share my wisdom and guidance”
  • “No one else’s opinion is more valuable than mine”
  • “Saying no to things I don’t want to do is part of my self care”

More about your chakras: Overview of 7 Chakras, Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Third Eye, Crown

Aromatherapy tools:  throat chakra spray, throat chakra oil, throat chakra candle