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Heart chakra healing

Your Heart chakra, also called your Heart Center, controls the flow of love, compassion and joy in your life.  Self love resides in your Heart Chakra as well, which is a huge issue for so many of us.  Here’s some more information to get you started on your heart chakra healing journey.

Where is your Heart chakra located

Your Heart chakra is located in the center of your chest, near your physical heart.  The color is represented by green.  Pink is representative of the energy of love, so often pink and green are used interchangeably or together when working with your heart.  A good way to view your heart chakra is to imagine it like a lotus flower with a thousand petals.  Imagine it opening up fully and allowing green and/or pink light to flow in and out of it.  You give and receive love through your heart chakra, so the flowing in and out is important visually.

Heart chakra healing


Life aspects housed in your Heart chakra

In your Heart chakra you feel love for yourself and others.  Relationships are mainly held here, as well as your ability for empathy and compassion.  When your heart chakra is wide open, it’s radiating warm, loving light energy.  People with a closed heart often feel unlovable, keep other people at a distance and avoid intimacy.


Reasons your Heart chakra may be clogged or closed

Your heart chakra is wide open until the pain of loss and regret close it.  Deeply fulfilling relationships are products of loving from an open heart chakra.  But, when relationships end badly or we lose loved ones, the pain is felt and held very deeply in our hearts.  Regret from opportunities not taken hugely impacts our heart chakra as well.  The “should of’s”, “what if only’s” weigh so heavily on our hearts.  By discovering where these issues are housed you can now turn your focus to heart chakra healing.

Another big factor that plagues so many is self love.  When life throws you bunch of experiences that you interpret as reasons to feel shame, guilt or embarrassment, the subconscious mind takes over and translates this into “I’m not good enough”.  That one belief of not feeling good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, skinny enough, etc… is like cancer, it spreads everywhere in your mind and heart.

I firmly believe that one single (false) belief “I’m not good enough” is responsible for about 90% of our emotional wounds, pain and self-punishment.  I too suffered immensely from that belief for most of my life.  Only recently do I feel like I really got to the bottom of the issue and am seeing the benefits of transforming that belief into self love.  It’s a process and unique to you, but you can heal and transform with self love.


Heart chakra healing tips

In conjunction with the work you do in releasing emotional baggage in your sacral chakra, your heart benefits from the same work.  As you’re working with one, you’re healing both chakras.  Journaling and inner child healing are extremely beneficial for you heart.  Allowing yourself to fully feel your emotions and bring this that feel dark and heavy into new light from the bigger perspective of who you are today is very helpful in healing your heart.

Meditation and visualization are also really good for your heart.  Spend a moment each day to connect with your heart and imagine it opening wide and seeing the love flowing in and out.  When you make this type of visualization a daily habit it helps your heart stay open and for healing to transform anything heavy into love.  I like to imagine my heart as a lotus flower opening and then generate as much sparkling pink love energy as I can and send it out to the world.  Hold your attention on that love flowing out of your heart as long as you can.  Then, also imagine that love coming back from the Universe and flowing into your heart to fill you up with love.

And here’s the biggieForgiveness.  The key to transforming all anger, fear, regret, guilt, shame, self sabotaging behaviors, relationship issues, and anything else that plagues you, is forgiveness.  When you forgive yourself or someone else, it releases you from the heaviness and pain.  Forgiveness isn’t about saying that what happened was right or just.  Forgiveness is about allowing yourself to detach from and let go of something heavy that is weighing you down and hurting you.  You don’t even have to speak to a person to forgive them.  It’s all in your mind and heart.


Mantras for the Heart Chakra

Heart chakra healing mantras are things like

  • “I am loved”
  • “Yes, I am lovable”
  • “I am perfect, whole and complete exactly as I am”
  • “I forgive myself”
  • “(insert name) I forgive you”
  • “Today, I choose to let go of all this regret”
  • “I love myself”
  • “Every day, I give and receive tremendous amounts of love”
  • or anything positive you wish you say about love.

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Solar Plexus chakra healing

,Your Solar Plexus chakra is also called your Power Center.  It generates your confidence, belief in yourself, will power, ambition and desire to take action and go after your goals.  Solar Plexus chakra healing is life changing because it can quickly propel you forward.  Here’s some more information to get you started on your solar plexus chakra healing journey.

Where is your Solar Plexus chakra located

Your Solar Plexus is located about 2″ above your belly button in the center of your stomach.  The color is yellow.  When open and expanded, your solar plexus chakra radiates your light to the world.  Picture it as a tiny version of the sun burning inside you.

Solar plexus chakra healing


Life aspects housed in your Solar Plexus chakra

Your solar plexus gives you the drive and confidence to create the life you want.  It houses your confidence, ambition, will power and belief in yourself that you can achieve success at whatever you set your mind to.  When your solar plexus chakra is open, it shines your light out to the world.


Solar Plexus chakra issues

People who try to control you cause issues here.  Power struggles with a controlling parent or spouse are often the case here.  Low self-esteem stemming from issues in your sacral chakra are also a big factor in dimming your personal power.  Every time you’ve gotten down on yourself and said you can’t do something, it dims your light.  You can now turn your focus to solar plexus chakra healing. Whether someone else beat you down or you did it to yourself with negative thoughts, you can unblock that and take back your power!


Solar Plexus chakra healing tips

One of the easiest ways to work with your solar plexus that I’ve found is to use the sun’s energy for healing.  Stand facing the sun, close your eyes, and imagine the sun’s rays connecting with you and energizing your solar plexus. Say empowering mantras like “I can”, “I’ve got this!”, “Yes, I can do it!”, “I’m the star in my own life” or anything that makes you feel more confident and powerful.


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Aromatherapy tools:  solar plexus spray, solar plexus oil, solar plexus candle

Sacral chakra healing

Your Sacral chakra regulates your emotions, creativity, sexual expression and your feminine energy.  Sacral chakra healing can be some of the most deep and beneficial work you can do for yourself.  Here’s some more information to get you started on your sacral chakra healing journey.

Where is your Sacral chakra located

Your Sacral chakra is located about 2″ below your belly button or naval.  The color is orange.  When open and moving freely, your sacral chakra emits a warm energy.  Picture it as a glowing ball of orange radiant light.

Sacral Chakra Healing


Life aspects housed in your Sacral chakra

In your Sacral chakra you express yourself.  Your ability to express and let your emotions go, the creative energy that flows through you and how you express yourself in intimate or sexual relationships lives here.  When your sacral chakra is open, it’s radiating warm, divine feminine energy that makes you very attractive energetically to others.


Reasons your Sacral chakra may be clogged

Your sacral chakra forms when you’re about 2-4 years old.  Old pent up emotional baggage gets stored here.  People who told you to dim your light and not be so creative or emotional caused blockages.  Also, if at any time in your life you’ve experienced emotional or sexual abuse or trauma, it forms a deep blockage in your sacral chakra.  Many times people with excess belly fat are suffering from emotional wounds in their sacral chakra.  By discovering where these issues are housed you can now turn your focus to sacral chakra healing.


Sacral chakra healing tips

When it comes to sacral chakra healing, it may be the most intense inner work you need to do.  Depending on how much emotional baggage and / or abuse you’ve suffered, this work can take months or years to unfold.  But each layer you peel back and release will make you feel lighter, more free and happier.  It’s tough work, but it is SO worth the investment in yourself!

Journaling is probably the best technique I’ve found for sacral chakra work.  In order to peel back the layers and release them, you’ll need to bring the darkness up to the light to be transformed.  By writing out your feelings in a journal it will allow you to uncover and release each little thing as it comes up for you.

Inner child work or working with your subpersonalities in meditation is extremely beneficial in sacral chakra healing work.

Sometimes talking through your emotions with a trusted friend can also be very helpful in releasing old emotions. When situations originally occured that caused you emotional pain you were a different person back then.  Revisiting them from your grown, more evolved self can help.  Looking back and seeing that you did your best at the time with what you had is often all that’s needed to let stuff go.

Even though it can be tough work at times, remember, that every piece of baggage you release is one you no longer have to carry!

A huge bonus to doing this type of work is that you learn to stop the bleeding.  Once you know how much carrying this baggage has hurt you in the past, you stop picking up new baggage.  You’ll learn to process things as they come up and let them go.

Be more sensuous

Sensuality and sex can be great for your sacral chakra too!  The key take your awareness out of your head (with a thousand thoughts racing per minute) and put your attention in your lower region.  Practicing the art of connecting with your sensuality and using your five senses to experience pleasure is very healing and empowering.  You can savor the taste of a piece of chocolate. Look at beautiful scenery or images. Feel the sensation of touch on your skin.  Listen to beautiful music. Smell the aroma of your favorite perfume or flowers.  The key is to get out of your head and into your body to genuinely appreciate with your senses. Sensuality is a form of art to be enjoyed on the path of self love and wholeness.

Mantras for the Sacral Chakra

Saying mantras during meditation can help you with Sacral chakra healing.  Try saying things like “I allow myself to fully express my emotions and then let them go”, “I let go of anything that no longer serves me”, “I am free!”, “Creativity flows through me daily”, “I am creative”, “I radiate my beautiful feminine energy to the world”. When you regularly work with your sacral chakra and focus on being aware of it, opening it and clearing it, your sacral chakra will become more peaceful and will lighten up your load as you journey through life.

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Root Chakra Healing

Your root chakra is important to you being able to feel safe, secure and manifest and keep money in your life.  Root chakra healing is a great gift to yourself if you wish to finally free yourself of feeling scattered, broken and unsafe.  Here’s some more information to get you started on your root chakra healing journey.

Where is your Root chakra located

Your Root chakra is located at the base of your spine, or your tailbone.  The color is red.  If you could hear your root chakra moving, it would be a very low, slow moving sound. Root Chakra Healing


Life aspects housed in your Root chakra

In your Root chakra lies your ability to feel safe, grounded and secure.  It’s also where you are able to pull in energy and manifest your desires.  The root chakra is also where money issues are held. These issues will continue to haunt you until root chakra healing takes place through doing your inner work. Also, it’s in your Root chakra where you’re able to connect with Mother Earth and feel supported and loved by her.


Reasons your Root chakra may be clogged

Your Root chakra is the first to form and become impacted by your circumstances in life.  Between the ages of 0-2 has the most impact on your root chakra.  People born into chaotic, abusive or turbulent lives as a baby often have root chakra issues as adults.  If an infant or toddler doesn’t feel safe and loved then, it shows up later in life.  Common root chakra issues are “being broke” all the time, never feeling safe, like you don’t belong anywhere, and generally scattered and ungrounded. By discovering where these issues are housed you can now turn your focus to root chakra healing.

Root chakra healing tips

Your root chakra is pretty easy and fun to work with.  One of the best ways is to go outside in nature and sit in the grass or on the ground, sand, etc..  Close your eyes and imagine a red ball of light at your tailbone.  Put your awareness there and hold it for as long as you can.  See that ball of light growing brighter and bigger.  Imagine that you have a grounding cord coming from your root chakra and going down deep inside Mother Earth.  Through this cord you can release anything you wish, anytime.  Release any old energy that feels stuck there and ask that it be sent down to Mother Earth, where it may be purified and recycled.

Additionally, using mantras during meditation can help you with Root chakra healing.  So try saying mantras like “I Belong”, “I am Safe and Secure”, “I always have more than enough money” or “I am supported by Mother Earth”. When you regularly work with your root chakra and focus on being aware of it, opening it and clearing it, your root chakra will become heathier and more balanced.

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7 chakras – what are they?

You hear people talking about chakras all over the place today, but you may be wondering what are chakras anyway? While it may seem hokey or surreal, there has been much study and focus on the 7 chakras over the centuries.  My personal experience has led me to know they are absolutely real. Once you know what they are and begin working with them, your life will change for the better.


What are chakras?

Chakras are the energy centers in your body.  Eastern medicine discovered the chakras (also called meridians) thousands of years ago, but the terms have only recently been discovered by the west.  Chiropractors use a device to measure energy vibrations in your spine. A chiropractor friend of mine showed me how the numbers on the device went up when passing over each chakra, it was very cool to see. You have many chakras throughout your body, but there are seven main chakras that run from the base of your spine up to the top of your head.  They’re like invisible balls of light within you, each one about the size of your fist.

Where are the 7 chakras?

Imagine seven colored balls of light running up and down your spine.  Though your chakras aren’t visible to the human eye, they can truly be felt when you learn to tap into them.  Now that you know what are chakras, you’ll be aware of them from now on.

Your seven main chakras are your Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown.

7 chakras diagram
You have 7 major chakras running from your tailbone up to the top of your head

What do the 7 chakras do?

Each one of your chakras generates the energy and essence of certain aspect of your life.  Emotions, for example, are housed in your Sacral Chakra.  That’s why when you get upset you feel it in your stomach.  Old energy can become stuck in your chakras causing them to become clogged or partially closed.  Your chakras can also be overactive, causing an imbalance.  Often the Throat chakra can be overactive causing people to talk too much, yell or gossip a lot.  Through meditation and emotional healing work, you can open and balance your chakras which helps you enjoy a more balanced and joyful life.


Where can I learn more about my 7 chakras?

Here are articles I wrote explaining more about  what each chakra is, where it’s located, what aspects of your life it runs.  We’ll talk about some of the common reasons it gets clogged, and some tips for opening and clearing your chakras.


Aromatherapy can help you focus on your chakras

You my find the use of aromatherapy tools helpful when working with your chakras.  Scent triggers certain feelings within you, this is really powerful when working with your chakras during meditation. Smelling a certain type of scent can activate an energetic feeling in your body that makes the inner work you’re doing easier and more pleasurable.  For instance, when working with your root chakra, if you smell an earthy scent it helps you feel instantly more grounded.  Whereas, sandalwood scent invokes a sensation in my throat when I smell it.  Meditation and energy work are just more fun when you engage your senses.  Scentual Goddess carries a full array of handmade chakra healing tools including Chakra SpraysChakra Oils and Chakra Candles.

The Four Directions within you

The Medicine Wheel (or Sacred Hoop) is central to Native American spiritual philosophy.  There’s so much to learn about the different interpretations, symbols and meanings depending on each tribe’s sacred teachings.  The Four Directions are cornerstone teachings in all tribes.  What the four directions mean on the medicine wheel is a subjective and fascinating topic. Please research the specific tribe’s teachings you feel most connected to. Each tribe interprets the Medicine Wheel and what the Four Directions mean differently.


Meaning of The Four Directions within yourself

Here’s my general understanding of what the Four Directions mean as it applies to your inner self.  I really liked the analogy at the beginning of the book Seven Arrows because it relates to our journey to wholeness.  The premise is that we’re all born under one of the four directions as our starting point.  Throughout your life, your job is to master each of the four directions to become the best version of yourself. By learning how to utilize your wisdom, intuition, introspection and ability to live in the present moment all simultaneously, you become whole.

I bought this handmade Medicine Wheel while in Cherokee, NC.  You can see the Four Directions represented in the center.  I have this hanging in my office for inspiration.

Medicine Wheel with Four Directions
Four Directions on the Medicine Wheel



East = Spiritual self

East Direction is represented by the color yellow and the symbol is Hawk.  The East is symbolic of Higher Perspective and your ability to see the big picture.  You have the ability to step back and look at the big picture from a higher perspective as Hawk does.  Your ability to empathize with others, see humanity as a whole and strive to find solutions that benefit the greater good reside in the East.  Hawk flies high in the sky and can see beyond boundaries and limitations of being on the ground.

Your spiritual self includes the connection to your soul, your spirit guides, your intuition or inner guidance, your dreams, visions during meditation, your psychic senses, etc…  The East relates to your Third Eye and Crown Chakras if you wish to compare it to your energy centers.

South = Physical self

South Direction is represented by the color red, the symbol is Mouse and it represents Innocence.   The ability to be present, vulnerable and enjoy the experiences up close to you live in your South.  Here you are able to stay grounded and experience the true joys in life through your 5 senses comes in.  Mouse is small and can only see and focus on what is right up close to him. He isn’t concerned with the big picture, he only deals with what’s right in front of him because his perspective is so small.

The physical aspects of you include your body, health, food, sex, your home environment, your daily habits, lifestyle choices and your ability to use your five senses to appreciate beauty, joy and pleasure around you.  It’s how you can stay grounded and present in your daily life.  Your Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra oversee these aspects of your life.

West = Emotional self

West Direction is represented by the color black, the symbol is Bear, and it means Introspection. Being able to go within and process your emotions, interpret and adjust your perspective live in your West.  Also your ability to deal with your perceptions of everything that happens in your life.  Bear goes into hibernation during the winter. During this time, she rests and processes what she needs to before emerging refreshed in the spring.

Your emotional self regulates the intangibles such as your feelings, self love, acceptance, confidence, trust, compassion, empathy, your perspective on all situations in your life and your relationships.  Your Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra are in charge here.

North = Mental Self

North Direction is represented by the color white and the symbol is Buffalo.  The North represents Wisdom.  It is here where your intellect, skills, knowledge and tools derived from your life experiences are housed.

Your mental self is where you collect all of your wisdom from your life experiences, your skills, gifts, talents, life lessons learned, beliefs, goals, your ability to teach and learn, the ego or personality as well as your primitive subconsious mind.  The Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra are the ones I feel most closely relate to this area of your life, but it could be argued that your Heart, Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras also combine here.


Applying the Four Directions wisdom in Your Life

The goal is to start by using the gifts of the direction you were born under, but to grow into being able to balance out using all four directions.  The best version of you has the ability to see the big picture of where you’re going and how things fit together. Along with the ability to stay in the present moment and soak up all of the wonderful sensory experiences life brings you.  As well as the ability to go within and reflect, heal, let go and process new information as it comes up for you, all paired with building your ever-expanding database of wisdom derived from your life experiences.

Frog Spirit Animal Message

It’s time to get yourself out of that rut!

During my meditation this morning, Frog came to me to teach me a lesson on getting myself up out of a rut and moving forward with gusto for what I really want.  The Full Blue Moon in Leo yesterday (1.31.18) came with a strong energy to make big changes to create new conditions in my life.  I had listened to a podcast a couple days ago where Astrologer, Jessica Lanyadoo, said that this moon’s energy was begging us to ask the question “What am I willing to do for what I really want?”  So I had been contemplating that question for a couple days.

I need to give you a littlle background on my situation here so you can see what this Frog Spirit Animal message meant to me.  If you don’t care to read that, skip to the bottom for the message.

Why Frog gave me this message:

For the past twelve years I’ve been a single mom.  The first eight years I managed to have a social life and be a good mom.  But the next four years I put myself in a hole and hid.  I cut myself off from the world and just focused on the kids.  Looking back, it was depression mixed with an intense spiritual learning quest. But deep down, I know I used staying home with the kids as a crutch so I didn’t have to put myself out there.  Four years of sitting around in my yoga pants studying the Law of Attraction, Astrology, moon cycles, herb medicine and a whole slew of things I discovered on my journey.   That was all fine and dandy until I looked up one day and realized that other than kids sporting events, I hadn’t allowed myself to socialize and certainly not date anyone…in years!

Love is in the air

About six months ago, I got the strong urge to change that.  Even though I was overweight, not feeling good about myself, had “nothing to wear” and I was scared of rejection, I pushed myself to do it anyways.  I bought a new shirt, threw on the only pair of jeans that fit me, bought some new earrings and drove myself to the local bar that was the last place I’d hung out.  Without going into all of the details here, because I want to get back to my frog spirit animal guide’s message, I met a guy who peaked my interest that very first night.  He and I shared this look, like our souls said to each other “finally, there you are!”.  We were definitely soulmates on some level.  It was so refreshing and helpful for me.  That gave me the kick in the pants I’d needed to put myself back out there.  It gave me the drive to exercise and I released thirty pounds in four months.  I was having so much fun again!  All was good.

The plot twist

But about six weeks later that so-called soulmate broke my heart.  He just up and disappeared on me.  Apparently the kids these days call it “ghosting”.  He just stopped responding to my texts and vanished two days before Christmas.  My heart was broken into a million pieces.  Not just the timing of it, but the not knowing what happened or why he disappeared on me were the worst.  Over the past month since that happened, I’ve been able to see the lessons in it and do so much healing and growth.  I realize that sometimes soulmates come into your life just to crack you open and leave you raw.  So painful in the moment, but such a beautiful gift in retrospection after the healing and growth take place.

Frog knew he needed to step in

Anyhow, for the past six weeks I had continued going into that same local place with the same people over and over.   It had become my comfortable safe zone.  I wasn’t feeling fulfilled or excited about it.  There were bad feelings when I’d go there because of the memory of that guy.  The atmosphere and vibe had grown very stale and stagnant to me.  So this morning during my meditation I was visited by my Frog spirit animal guide. Frog did a wonderful job of showing me what I need to do next.  I feel very compelled to create a whole new chapter in my life.  It’s time for a fresh start, new friends, new hangouts, all of it.  Here’s the story of how this frog spirit animal medicine came to me in a vision.


Frog first gave me the vision of himself jumping up out of dark murky water onto a lily pad.  Then he went back in the water and jumped up on the same lily pad again.  Almost like a video rewind motion I seen him go up and down off that same lily pad over and over.  I intuitively know that jumping up on that lily pad repeatedly was me initially getting myself up out of the hole. I knew it was related to me going through the act of getting myself dressed up and trying to look and feel better while pushing myself to confidently get back out there.  My frog spirit animal guide said the act of me doing that over and over had strengthened my legs.  He applauded me for getting myself up out of the rut, but said it’s time for the game to change now.

Time to change the game

Perched proudly on that same lily pad, Frog turned to look at me and grinned.  I then realized there were all kinds of lily pads on the pond, as far as my eyes could see, and I’d only been jumping onto that one.  My frog spirit animal guide then took off frantically jumping around from pad to pad all over the place laughing and having fun.  He said that my time spent on that same lily pad was over and it’s time to get busy living my life in new and better ways.  What once was a new adventure had become my new rut. Time to venture out, open and ready to meet lots of new people.  Who knows, maybe a new circle of friends or even a new love interest would be on the next lily pad?  Frog said it’s time for me to get hopping along!

Get hopping girl!

In that moment, I vowed to stop going to the place.  I bought a new notebook and am making a game out of tracking how many new places I can go and new people I can meet.  The game is to visit new restaurants and bars all around town, go to yoga and meditation classes at new places, show up at the gym or take workout classes around town, go to events, concerts, anything I feel guided to hop around to.  Each day I’ll record which new lily pads I explored in my journal.  My goal is to be my authentic self and be energetically open to meeting all kinds of new people every day.

Frog Medicine


Is there a rut you’ve been stuck in lately?

What one action could you begin practicing right now?  What’s one lily pad you could jump on?

How many lily pads (choices) are you currently using? Are you staying stuck on one safe choice or putting yourself out there?

Are there some new lily pads (opportunities) you’d like to explore?

Get hopping!