Month: October 2018

What does Venus Retrograde mean?

Venus is usually thought of as the planet of love.  Yes, that is true.  But it she guides us through so much more than just romantic love in our lives.  Venus governs over your relationships, your money, your power of attraction, romance, friendships and partnerships, as well as your sensuality and your relationship to your own body. So what does Venus Retrograde mean for you?  Well, let’s take a closer look at Venus.

From the zodiac wheel perspective, Venus naturally rules over your 2nd House of Possessions & Money. This is the natural sign of Taurus. Like any multi-tasking momma, the planet Venus serves double duty, as she also rules over your 7th House of Partnerships & Relationships, also making her the ruler of Libra.  Venus and Mercury are the only two planets that rule over more two houses and signs, so when these two go retrograde, the effects can be felt in different areas of our lives.

When a planet “goes retrograde” it means that it slows down and appears to be moving backwards when viewed from Earth.  All planets go through retrograde phases.  During a planet’s retrograde phase, the areas of your life that are ruled by that planet tend to have feelings and circumstances stirred up.  Things often bubble to the surface that need your focus and attention so that you can grow, learn, heal and enter into the next phase better off for having gone through those spiritual lessons.

So what does Venus Retrograde mean?

Venus will be in her six week retrograde phase from October 5 – November 16, 2018. She begins her backwards spin in watery and intense Scorpio, but on November 1st, she moves into balanced and airy Libra for the remainder of the retrograde phase.  So you may notice a shift in how you’re feeling and which values you’re focusing on as she changes signs.

Venus rules love, money and relationships and most importantly, your values.  The things that are most important to you.  So Venus Retrograde is the best time to reflect on your values.

Assess your values

Feelings and issues regarding your close relationships and your money may come up for you during this time.  Don’t be scared of it.  This is the time to really lean into the feelings to see what’s working, and what’s not.

  • Who do you really value?
  • What do you value most?
  • Why do you value them?

Use this time to get to the core of what matters most to you and why it matters so much.  Through this type of inner work, you may have some surprising epiphanies and aha moments.

Yes, it could be a time to let things go that are no longer serving you.  Clearing space by letting go of what you no longer value is a good way to make room for new and better to come to you.  This could mean letting go of habits that aren’t working for you, friendships or partnerships that have run their course, old clothes from your closet that you no longer love…

More importantly though, Venus Retrograde is a time to look at all the good things you already have in your life.  Tune into their deep meaning and value to you and focus on appreciating their true value more. What you focus on expands.  So this is a great time to practice gratitude for the wonderful people, possessions and experiences you have to be thankful for.

Tune into your sensuality

Sensuality, is another key take away from Venus.  When was the last time you really got into your body and focused your attention on experiencing joy through your senses?

Take this time to get grounded in your body and tune into your senses.  We get so busy with our everyday life that it’s easy to lose touch with our own body.  Venus Retrograde is the perfect time to tap back into feeling great in your own skin. Slow down and use your senses of touch, taste, smell, sight and sound to enjoy the beauty all around and within you.

Tips for being more sensual:

  • Eat some delicious food.  Slow down and focus on tasting every bite. Savor it in your mouth and really enjoy it.
  • Massage your skin with lotion and really feel how soft your skin is.
  • Stand out in nature and find a gorgeous creation of Mother Nature’s that you never even noticed before, because you were too busy. Spend a moment watch in awe of it’s beauty.
  • Listen to some beautiful music. Stand by a babbling brook, lake, river or ocean and listen to the water moving. Hear the birds chirping above you.  Or simply listen to your breath as you focus on that.
  • Pick some fresh flowers and smell their beautiful aroma.  Use your favorite perfume or essential oils and admire how good it smells.

Retrograde Planets during October 2018

The common theme this year, astrologically, seems to be all these planets in retrograde.  We hear about Mercury Retrograde all the time, as it goes retrograde 3-4 times every year.  All planets do at certain times and for varying lengths of time.  When a planet “goes retrograde” it slows down and appears to be moving backwards in the solar system.  The technical science stuff isn’t my thing, but as an astrology lover, the emotional side of  what happens when planets go retrograde is a big deal.   For those of us who are really tuned into energy – it can affect A LOT! So what are the current retrograde planets during October 2018?

This summer,  six planets went retrograde at once. Whew! What a crazy time that was?!  I’m glad we’ve made it through all that.  But, this fall seems to be a little less intense continuation of this whole retrograde thing.  I just looked up the current planets that are retrograde for the month of October 2018.  Here’s the scoop what’s going on in the zodiac wheel.


Retrograde Planets During October 2018:

  • Venus – Retrograde until November 17, 2018 (currently in watery, intense Scorpio)
  • Uranus – Retrograde until January 1, 2019 (currently in grounded, stable Taurus)
  • Neptune – Retrograde until January 1, 2019 (in emotional, creative Pisces)

I’m going to write a separate post next on each of these retrograde planets, what it means and how it may affect you.