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Hawk Spirit Animal Guide Message

There isn’t one big mountain to climb!


Hawk spirit animal guide came to me with a message the other day about how I view the path and perceived challenges ahead of me.  I’ve always felt like my to do list and mountain of things I “should do” was enormous.  Looking back now, I see that was a product of the “I’m not good enough, I’ll never be enough” belief.  This one huge mountain that I always thought I had in front of me to climb was the source of my anxiety and stress.  Just the thought of climbing it overwhelmed me and had me defeated before I even started.  I was always hoping that one day there would be a “ledge”.  The ledge would be a magical place where time slowed down, obstacles ceased, everything flowed together and I could finally “catch up”. For over twenty years I was plagued by the mountain.

Mount Everest

One big mountain to climb

In meditation, my Hawk spirit animal guide showed me a vision that changed my perspective completely.  The vision began from a high up perspective, Hawk and I were soaring high above the mountains in the clouds.  It was a dreary, somewhat dark, foggy scene.  As we flew along, Hawk pointed out that the mountains were all chained together and that there were many, as far as we could see.  At first my view looked like several mountains following along a horizontal path.  But suddenly, the mountains started getting shorter in size.  Hawk pointed out that there was not justone big mountain“.  In fact, he said, there are no big mountains, only small hills.

As I looked out I realized there were thousands of small hills spanning all directions.  My Hawk spirit animal guide began to tell me that this whole time I’ve been exhausting myself trying to climb that huge mountain that I’d never make it up.  That type of vision was self sabotage and was hurting me. He said to change my perspective and start seeing things I want to do and change in my life as smaller little hills.  As he’s telling me this, the scene was growing lighter and more colorful.  The fog lifted, the sun began shining and the mountains transformed from stark, cold grey masses to grass covered hills.

Break it down into small little hills

Hawk took me down closer to the hills and began pointing out that each one represented one new little habit I wanted to master.  Things like my daily mediation practice, drinking tea, exercising, eating clean foods, releasing excess weight… there all just a bunch of little hills.  He showed me that when I used to look at it as one big mountain I defeated myself.  But, if I only changed my perspective, I could get more excited about just exploring one little hill at a time.  About then, the mountains began to be covered with trees and bushes that had sparkling colorful objects all over them.  Hawk said “each little hill is full of treasures and magic – all you need to do is go explore them!


Go explore the treasures ahead of you

He then pointed out that there was no straight-line path either.  I have the freedom to explore one little hill, glean it’s treasures, and then pick any direction I wish to head to next.  There is no one set path of mastering these things that I need to follow.  This new vision filled me with excitement!  Just changing my perspective from viewing all of the things I want to accomplish and change to grow into my most authentic self from one big mountain of “have to’s” to making a game out of exploring one little hill at a time feels so good!

By the time the vision was over, the view looked more like this whimsical painting by Juli Cady Ryan


Thank you Hawk spirit animal guide for the beautiful vision!  I know this message came to me at the perfect time.  That week, I had just been listening to Brene Brown’s Braving The Wilderness book on audible.  Hawk’s vision helped me transform the scary image of the lonely cold wilderness into a magical treasure hunt!

The Four Directions within you

The Medicine Wheel (or Sacred Hoop) is central to Native American spiritual philosophy.  There’s so much to learn about the different interpretations, symbols and meanings depending on each tribe’s sacred teachings.  The Four Directions are cornerstone teachings in all tribes.  What the four directions mean on the medicine wheel is a subjective and fascinating topic. Please research the specific tribe’s teachings you feel most connected to. Each tribe interprets the Medicine Wheel and what the Four Directions mean differently.


Meaning of The Four Directions within yourself

Here’s my general understanding of what the Four Directions mean as it applies to your inner self.  I really liked the analogy at the beginning of the book Seven Arrows because it relates to our journey to wholeness.  The premise is that we’re all born under one of the four directions as our starting point.  Throughout your life, your job is to master each of the four directions to become the best version of yourself. By learning how to utilize your wisdom, intuition, introspection and ability to live in the present moment all simultaneously, you become whole.

I bought this handmade Medicine Wheel while in Cherokee, NC.  You can see the Four Directions represented in the center.  I have this hanging in my office for inspiration.

Medicine Wheel with Four Directions
Four Directions on the Medicine Wheel



East = Spiritual self

East Direction is represented by the color yellow and the symbol is Hawk.  The East is symbolic of Higher Perspective and your ability to see the big picture.  You have the ability to step back and look at the big picture from a higher perspective as Hawk does.  Your ability to empathize with others, see humanity as a whole and strive to find solutions that benefit the greater good reside in the East.  Hawk flies high in the sky and can see beyond boundaries and limitations of being on the ground.

Your spiritual self includes the connection to your soul, your spirit guides, your intuition or inner guidance, your dreams, visions during meditation, your psychic senses, etc…  The East relates to your Third Eye and Crown Chakras if you wish to compare it to your energy centers.

South = Physical self

South Direction is represented by the color red, the symbol is Mouse and it represents Innocence.   The ability to be present, vulnerable and enjoy the experiences up close to you live in your South.  Here you are able to stay grounded and experience the true joys in life through your 5 senses comes in.  Mouse is small and can only see and focus on what is right up close to him. He isn’t concerned with the big picture, he only deals with what’s right in front of him because his perspective is so small.

The physical aspects of you include your body, health, food, sex, your home environment, your daily habits, lifestyle choices and your ability to use your five senses to appreciate beauty, joy and pleasure around you.  It’s how you can stay grounded and present in your daily life.  Your Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra oversee these aspects of your life.

West = Emotional self

West Direction is represented by the color black, the symbol is Bear, and it means Introspection. Being able to go within and process your emotions, interpret and adjust your perspective live in your West.  Also your ability to deal with your perceptions of everything that happens in your life.  Bear goes into hibernation during the winter. During this time, she rests and processes what she needs to before emerging refreshed in the spring.

Your emotional self regulates the intangibles such as your feelings, self love, acceptance, confidence, trust, compassion, empathy, your perspective on all situations in your life and your relationships.  Your Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra are in charge here.

North = Mental Self

North Direction is represented by the color white and the symbol is Buffalo.  The North represents Wisdom.  It is here where your intellect, skills, knowledge and tools derived from your life experiences are housed.

Your mental self is where you collect all of your wisdom from your life experiences, your skills, gifts, talents, life lessons learned, beliefs, goals, your ability to teach and learn, the ego or personality as well as your primitive subconsious mind.  The Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra are the ones I feel most closely relate to this area of your life, but it could be argued that your Heart, Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras also combine here.


Applying the Four Directions wisdom in Your Life

The goal is to start by using the gifts of the direction you were born under, but to grow into being able to balance out using all four directions.  The best version of you has the ability to see the big picture of where you’re going and how things fit together. Along with the ability to stay in the present moment and soak up all of the wonderful sensory experiences life brings you.  As well as the ability to go within and reflect, heal, let go and process new information as it comes up for you, all paired with building your ever-expanding database of wisdom derived from your life experiences.

Frog Spirit Animal Message

It’s time to get yourself out of that rut!

During my meditation this morning, Frog came to me to teach me a lesson on getting myself up out of a rut and moving forward with gusto for what I really want.  The Full Blue Moon in Leo yesterday (1.31.18) came with a strong energy to make big changes to create new conditions in my life.  I had listened to a podcast a couple days ago where Astrologer, Jessica Lanyadoo, said that this moon’s energy was begging us to ask the question “What am I willing to do for what I really want?”  So I had been contemplating that question for a couple days.

I need to give you a littlle background on my situation here so you can see what this Frog Spirit Animal message meant to me.  If you don’t care to read that, skip to the bottom for the message.

Why Frog gave me this message:

For the past twelve years I’ve been a single mom.  The first eight years I managed to have a social life and be a good mom.  But the next four years I put myself in a hole and hid.  I cut myself off from the world and just focused on the kids.  Looking back, it was depression mixed with an intense spiritual learning quest. But deep down, I know I used staying home with the kids as a crutch so I didn’t have to put myself out there.  Four years of sitting around in my yoga pants studying the Law of Attraction, Astrology, moon cycles, herb medicine and a whole slew of things I discovered on my journey.   That was all fine and dandy until I looked up one day and realized that other than kids sporting events, I hadn’t allowed myself to socialize and certainly not date anyone…in years!

Love is in the air

About six months ago, I got the strong urge to change that.  Even though I was overweight, not feeling good about myself, had “nothing to wear” and I was scared of rejection, I pushed myself to do it anyways.  I bought a new shirt, threw on the only pair of jeans that fit me, bought some new earrings and drove myself to the local bar that was the last place I’d hung out.  Without going into all of the details here, because I want to get back to my frog spirit animal guide’s message, I met a guy who peaked my interest that very first night.  He and I shared this look, like our souls said to each other “finally, there you are!”.  We were definitely soulmates on some level.  It was so refreshing and helpful for me.  That gave me the kick in the pants I’d needed to put myself back out there.  It gave me the drive to exercise and I released thirty pounds in four months.  I was having so much fun again!  All was good.

The plot twist

But about six weeks later that so-called soulmate broke my heart.  He just up and disappeared on me.  Apparently the kids these days call it “ghosting”.  He just stopped responding to my texts and vanished two days before Christmas.  My heart was broken into a million pieces.  Not just the timing of it, but the not knowing what happened or why he disappeared on me were the worst.  Over the past month since that happened, I’ve been able to see the lessons in it and do so much healing and growth.  I realize that sometimes soulmates come into your life just to crack you open and leave you raw.  So painful in the moment, but such a beautiful gift in retrospection after the healing and growth take place.

Frog knew he needed to step in

Anyhow, for the past six weeks I had continued going into that same local place with the same people over and over.   It had become my comfortable safe zone.  I wasn’t feeling fulfilled or excited about it.  There were bad feelings when I’d go there because of the memory of that guy.  The atmosphere and vibe had grown very stale and stagnant to me.  So this morning during my meditation I was visited by my Frog spirit animal guide. Frog did a wonderful job of showing me what I need to do next.  I feel very compelled to create a whole new chapter in my life.  It’s time for a fresh start, new friends, new hangouts, all of it.  Here’s the story of how this frog spirit animal medicine came to me in a vision.


Frog first gave me the vision of himself jumping up out of dark murky water onto a lily pad.  Then he went back in the water and jumped up on the same lily pad again.  Almost like a video rewind motion I seen him go up and down off that same lily pad over and over.  I intuitively know that jumping up on that lily pad repeatedly was me initially getting myself up out of the hole. I knew it was related to me going through the act of getting myself dressed up and trying to look and feel better while pushing myself to confidently get back out there.  My frog spirit animal guide said the act of me doing that over and over had strengthened my legs.  He applauded me for getting myself up out of the rut, but said it’s time for the game to change now.

Time to change the game

Perched proudly on that same lily pad, Frog turned to look at me and grinned.  I then realized there were all kinds of lily pads on the pond, as far as my eyes could see, and I’d only been jumping onto that one.  My frog spirit animal guide then took off frantically jumping around from pad to pad all over the place laughing and having fun.  He said that my time spent on that same lily pad was over and it’s time to get busy living my life in new and better ways.  What once was a new adventure had become my new rut. Time to venture out, open and ready to meet lots of new people.  Who knows, maybe a new circle of friends or even a new love interest would be on the next lily pad?  Frog said it’s time for me to get hopping along!

Get hopping girl!

In that moment, I vowed to stop going to the place.  I bought a new notebook and am making a game out of tracking how many new places I can go and new people I can meet.  The game is to visit new restaurants and bars all around town, go to yoga and meditation classes at new places, show up at the gym or take workout classes around town, go to events, concerts, anything I feel guided to hop around to.  Each day I’ll record which new lily pads I explored in my journal.  My goal is to be my authentic self and be energetically open to meeting all kinds of new people every day.

Frog Medicine


Is there a rut you’ve been stuck in lately?

What one action could you begin practicing right now?  What’s one lily pad you could jump on?

How many lily pads (choices) are you currently using? Are you staying stuck on one safe choice or putting yourself out there?

Are there some new lily pads (opportunities) you’d like to explore?

Get hopping!