Crown chakra opening

Your Crown chakra is the connection to your soul or higher self, the Divine and the entire Universe.  It’s through your crown chakra that you can transcend your physical body and connect with life on an energy level. Crown chakra opening is a beautiful experience!

Where is your Crown chakra located

About 2″ above the top of your head is your crown chakra.  The color is represented by the color purple.  You can imagine a ball of sparkling purple light that, like two french doors, opens to the heavens above.

opening crown chakra


Life aspects housed in your Crown chakra

Soul or Higher Self – You are an energetic being having a human experience, not just a human with a soul.  It is through your crown chakra where you can transcend and visit with your soul for guidance.

The Divine – Whether you prefer to say God, Goddess, All that Is, Great Spirit, or any other name for “God” among worldwide culture and religion, we’re all talking about the same thing. When you send prayers to the divine creator of the Universe you’re connecting through your crown chakra.

Connection to all of life – I believe in nature based spirituality, so from my perspective, the trees, grass, stars, moon, sun, earth, wind, fire, water, animals, mountains, oceans – everything in the Universe is all connected and one.  Through your crown chakra you connect with the Universe.

Although I never hear anyone else talk about this, I feel that your mind and brain are also connected to your Crown Chakra.

Reasons your Crown chakra may be closed

Unlike the lower chakras (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart & Throat) your Third Eye and Crown chakras don’t usually have blockages or emotional baggage to clear.  People typically just haven’t fully opened their crown yet.  The path of spiritual enlightenment is the journey to opening your third eye and crown as you step into your authentic beautiful soul.

However, if you feel your crown chakra is closed, it may be due to losing faith in the Divine from past pain you’ve experienced.  You can work on releasing that when you’re ready by doing some work in your Heart Chakra.  But more often, it’s just a matter of not having tuned into your crown chakra when life got in the way.  Turning your attention to opening it is usually all that’s needed.

Crown chakra opening tips

Meditation opens your crown chakra.  Here’s how I like to start my meditation practice each day is to sit in a chair and close my eyes.  First connect with your Root chakra.  See the ball of red light and imagine a grounding cord connecting you to Mother Earth.  Feel yourself being fully supported.  Move your attention up through each chakra and imagine them by color.  Say a mantra for each if you like.  When you get up to your Crown chakra, imagine it opening up like french doors.  Next, imagine a ball of sparkling white light above you. Feel the white light coming down through your crown chakra and filling every cell in your body.

I love to do this in the shower too!  Use the same process, but as you connect with the white light coming down through your crown, feel the water running on you and imagine it’s the white light.  I find this to be very refreshing, grounding and beautiful daily practice that only takes a moment to do. I call it a Chakra Shower 🙂

Mantras for Crown Chakra opening

Here are a few mantras that work well for crown chakra opening:

  • “I am my soul”
  • “The Divine is within me”
  • “The Universe supports me”
  • “Love and light fill every cell in my body”

More about your chakras: Overview of 7 Chakras, Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye

Aromatherapy tools:  crown chakra spray, crown chakra oil, crown chakra candle

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