How to get grounded and feel more peaceful

When you’re feeling scattered and frustrated, it’s helpful to stop and get grounded.

What being grounded mean?

When you’re grounded, you bring your attention out of your racing mind and back into your physical body.  By stopping to take a moment to stop and get grounded it helps you feel more calm and centered. It brings you a sense of inner peace.  Being grounded means that you’re connecting with the energy of the earth and feeling gravity support you.  It’s a way of bringing all of your energy back to yourself that’s been scattered about, so that you feel more peaceful and empowered.

How to Quickly Get Grounded

An easy way to get grounded is to stand with your feet shoulder width apart.  Close your eyes. Try to shut off your thoughts.  Feel the energy in your feet planted firmly into the floor or ground.  Imagine that energy going deep down inside Mother Earth.  Bring her energy back up through your feet and into your body.  Follow the energy back down into earth, then bring it back up into your body.  Hold your attention here as long as you need to feel a sense of peace and calmness fill you up.


For an even better experience, go outside barefoot and do this exercise in the grass, dirt or stone of Mother Earth.

You can ground yourself when you’re sitting in a chair too.  Just close your eyes and feel the chair supporting you.  Allow your energy to melt down into the chair and imagine it going down into Mother Earth.  You can connect with your Root Chakra for further balance.