Hawk Spirit Animal Guide Message

There isn’t one big mountain to climb!


Hawk spirit animal guide came to me with a message the other day about how I view the path and perceived challenges ahead of me.  I’ve always felt like my to do list and mountain of things I “should do” was enormous.  Looking back now, I see that was a product of the “I’m not good enough, I’ll never be enough” belief.  This one huge mountain that I always thought I had in front of me to climb was the source of my anxiety and stress.  Just the thought of climbing it overwhelmed me and had me defeated before I even started.  I was always hoping that one day there would be a “ledge”.  The ledge would be a magical place where time slowed down, obstacles ceased, everything flowed together and I could finally “catch up”. For over twenty years I was plagued by the mountain.

Mount Everest

One big mountain to climb

In meditation, my Hawk spirit animal guide showed me a vision that changed my perspective completely.  The vision began from a high up perspective, Hawk and I were soaring high above the mountains in the clouds.  It was a dreary, somewhat dark, foggy scene.  As we flew along, Hawk pointed out that the mountains were all chained together and that there were many, as far as we could see.  At first my view looked like several mountains following along a horizontal path.  But suddenly, the mountains started getting shorter in size.  Hawk pointed out that there was not justone big mountain“.  In fact, he said, there are no big mountains, only small hills.

As I looked out I realized there were thousands of small hills spanning all directions.  My Hawk spirit animal guide began to tell me that this whole time I’ve been exhausting myself trying to climb that huge mountain that I’d never make it up.  That type of vision was self sabotage and was hurting me. He said to change my perspective and start seeing things I want to do and change in my life as smaller little hills.  As he’s telling me this, the scene was growing lighter and more colorful.  The fog lifted, the sun began shining and the mountains transformed from stark, cold grey masses to grass covered hills.

Break it down into small little hills

Hawk took me down closer to the hills and began pointing out that each one represented one new little habit I wanted to master.  Things like my daily mediation practice, drinking tea, exercising, eating clean foods, releasing excess weight… there all just a bunch of little hills.  He showed me that when I used to look at it as one big mountain I defeated myself.  But, if I only changed my perspective, I could get more excited about just exploring one little hill at a time.  About then, the mountains began to be covered with trees and bushes that had sparkling colorful objects all over them.  Hawk said “each little hill is full of treasures and magic – all you need to do is go explore them!


Go explore the treasures ahead of you

He then pointed out that there was no straight-line path either.  I have the freedom to explore one little hill, glean it’s treasures, and then pick any direction I wish to head to next.  There is no one set path of mastering these things that I need to follow.  This new vision filled me with excitement!  Just changing my perspective from viewing all of the things I want to accomplish and change to grow into my most authentic self from one big mountain of “have to’s” to making a game out of exploring one little hill at a time feels so good!

By the time the vision was over, the view looked more like this whimsical painting by Juli Cady Ryan


Thank you Hawk spirit animal guide for the beautiful vision!  I know this message came to me at the perfect time.  That week, I had just been listening to Brene Brown’s Braving The Wilderness book on audible.  Hawk’s vision helped me transform the scary image of the lonely cold wilderness into a magical treasure hunt!