Heart chakra healing

Your Heart chakra, also called your Heart Center, controls the flow of love, compassion and joy in your life.  Self love resides in your Heart Chakra as well, which is a huge issue for so many of us.  Here’s some more information to get you started on your heart chakra healing journey.

Where is your Heart chakra located

Your Heart chakra is located in the center of your chest, near your physical heart.  The color is represented by green.  Pink is representative of the energy of love, so often pink and green are used interchangeably or together when working with your heart.  A good way to view your heart chakra is to imagine it like a lotus flower with a thousand petals.  Imagine it opening up fully and allowing green and/or pink light to flow in and out of it.  You give and receive love through your heart chakra, so the flowing in and out is important visually.

Heart chakra healing


Life aspects housed in your Heart chakra

In your Heart chakra you feel love for yourself and others.  Relationships are mainly held here, as well as your ability for empathy and compassion.  When your heart chakra is wide open, it’s radiating warm, loving light energy.  People with a closed heart often feel unlovable, keep other people at a distance and avoid intimacy.


Reasons your Heart chakra may be clogged or closed

Your heart chakra is wide open until the pain of loss and regret close it.  Deeply fulfilling relationships are products of loving from an open heart chakra.  But, when relationships end badly or we lose loved ones, the pain is felt and held very deeply in our hearts.  Regret from opportunities not taken hugely impacts our heart chakra as well.  The “should of’s”, “what if only’s” weigh so heavily on our hearts.  By discovering where these issues are housed you can now turn your focus to heart chakra healing.

Another big factor that plagues so many is self love.  When life throws you bunch of experiences that you interpret as reasons to feel shame, guilt or embarrassment, the subconscious mind takes over and translates this into “I’m not good enough”.  That one belief of not feeling good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, skinny enough, etc… is like cancer, it spreads everywhere in your mind and heart.

I firmly believe that one single (false) belief “I’m not good enough” is responsible for about 90% of our emotional wounds, pain and self-punishment.  I too suffered immensely from that belief for most of my life.  Only recently do I feel like I really got to the bottom of the issue and am seeing the benefits of transforming that belief into self love.  It’s a process and unique to you, but you can heal and transform with self love.


Heart chakra healing tips

In conjunction with the work you do in releasing emotional baggage in your sacral chakra, your heart benefits from the same work.  As you’re working with one, you’re healing both chakras.  Journaling and inner child healing are extremely beneficial for you heart.  Allowing yourself to fully feel your emotions and bring this that feel dark and heavy into new light from the bigger perspective of who you are today is very helpful in healing your heart.

Meditation and visualization are also really good for your heart.  Spend a moment each day to connect with your heart and imagine it opening wide and seeing the love flowing in and out.  When you make this type of visualization a daily habit it helps your heart stay open and for healing to transform anything heavy into love.  I like to imagine my heart as a lotus flower opening and then generate as much sparkling pink love energy as I can and send it out to the world.  Hold your attention on that love flowing out of your heart as long as you can.  Then, also imagine that love coming back from the Universe and flowing into your heart to fill you up with love.

And here’s the biggieForgiveness.  The key to transforming all anger, fear, regret, guilt, shame, self sabotaging behaviors, relationship issues, and anything else that plagues you, is forgiveness.  When you forgive yourself or someone else, it releases you from the heaviness and pain.  Forgiveness isn’t about saying that what happened was right or just.  Forgiveness is about allowing yourself to detach from and let go of something heavy that is weighing you down and hurting you.  You don’t even have to speak to a person to forgive them.  It’s all in your mind and heart.


Mantras for the Heart Chakra

Heart chakra healing mantras are things like

  • “I am loved”
  • “Yes, I am lovable”
  • “I am perfect, whole and complete exactly as I am”
  • “I forgive myself”
  • “(insert name) I forgive you”
  • “Today, I choose to let go of all this regret”
  • “I love myself”
  • “Every day, I give and receive tremendous amounts of love”
  • or anything positive you wish you say about love.

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