Home Blessing Ceremony

Are you moving into a new home or preparing to sell your home? That is a great time to do a Home Blessing Ceremony.  You can do this blessing ceremony anytime to improve the energy in your home, this Home Blessing Ceremony is a beautiful practice.  Repeat as often as you feel you need to.

The mentioned home blessing ceremony tools are available from Scentual Goddess.

Home Blessing Ceremony

Set the mood:

Allow yourself at least an hour of uninterrupted time to complete this home blessing ceremony.  Turn off your cell phone, television and any other distractions.  It’s a good idea to remove your jewelry as metal can draw in and hold onto energy.  It’s also best if you can take a bath or shower before starting your ceremony so that you cleanse away the old energy from yourself before beginning. Playing soft, high vibrational, instrumental music during your ceremony helps raise the vibration in your home further.

Tip: You can play great music like this from the Pandora app if you have it installed on your phone.  My favorites are Native American flute music by Douglas Bluefeather or Niall, or the song Yoga Dreams by Soulfood.  Just search for them in Pandora.  I play this type of music all the time in our home.) You may wish to light more candles throughout your home for additional ambiance as well.


Open the ceremony

Begin in the center of your home.  Light the Home Blessing Candle.  Call in any guardian spirits you wish.  You can call in Great Spirit, the Archangels, the guardian spirits of the elements Earth, Fire, Water or Air, the guardian spirits of the Four Directions, your spirit guides, past love ones, whomever you wish to help you with this blessing ceremony. Ask that they guide you, protect you and assist you in bringing blessings of love, joy, peace, prosperity and health into your home for all who live there and who come to visit.


Smudge & Bless Each Room

Starting at the furthest point away from your main entry, walk your home room by room.  Use the smudge stick and ask the spirit of the sage to cleanse away all negative energy.  Ask your guardian spirits to bring blessings into that room.  Use the Many Blessings Spray to ceremonially bless each room as you go along.  You may wish to ask for different blessings based on the use of each individual room. Repeat this all throughout your home until you’ve reached the main entry door.

Sample prayer: “Great Spirit, thank you for blessing our home.  I ask that all negative energy be cleared away and that love, joy, peace, prosperity and good health fill our home. Thank you!” Take your time and use your own words to ask for what you wish.


Protection Walk

Next, take the Protection Salt and go outside to walk the perimeter of your home and / or your property line.  Sprinkle a little salt as you walk, asking Spirit for blessings of protection for your home and all who inhabit it.


Plant the Love

Place the Rose Quartz stone in a special place and ask for love to radiate from it.  You can put it on a window sill or hearth, bury it in the yard or a plant, or anywhere you wish.


Close the Home Blessing Ceremony

When you’re finished, be sure to thank all whom you’ve called in for help.  Thank God, Goddess, Great Spirit, the Universe, or whatever name you prefer, for the blessings bestowed upon your home, yourself and your family.  Whenever you’re ready, blow out the Home Blessing Candle and say a final “Thank you!”.