How to Charge Crystals – 5 Easy Ways

Get to know your crystals.  Spend quiet time with each one to connect with it.  Hold it in your hand and feel the energy coming off your stone.  Think about the purpose you bought this stone for and remind it what you’d like it to help you accomplish.  It’s a good idea to spend as much time as you can with your new crystals in the beginning, to attune yourself to their vibration.  You can hold them during meditation, set them on your desk or in a special place, put them in your medicine bag or keep them in your pocket. From time to time, you’ll want to cleanse and charge your crystals to remove excess energy they’ve taken on.

How to charge crystals

Here are 5 easy and natural ways to remove old energy from your stones and keep their vibration in-tune.


1. Running Water

Hold your stone under running water for a few moments and ask the water to wash away any old or negative energy.  Pat dry.  If you have access, fresh water from nature, such as a river, lake or stream is best.

(Don’t use water on super soft minerals such as Selenite or Desert Rose though, as they’re made of gypsum and sand from the desert.  Water will break them down.  Most crystals are hard and water works well, but check on any specific ones you aren’t sure about.)

2. Sea Salt

Put your crystals in a small dish covered with sea salt and let them sit for several hours.  Sea salt is a natural cleanser that draws out old energy and reconnects your stones with the earth from which the salt and stones came.  You could store your crystals in a dish of salt so that they’re always clean and charged when you need them.

3. Smudge with White Sage

Using a single sage leaf or smudge stick, carefully light one end.  Allow it to burn for a moment, then blow it out.  A purifying smoke will be emitted from the embers.  Wave the smoke around your stones ceremonially, while asking the spirit of the sage to clear away any negative, dark or old energy from your stones.  This technique is called smudging.

4. Moonlight

Allowing your stones to sit outside or on a windowsill to soak up the moonlight is a popular way of charging your stones.  Full moon light is the best.

5. Sunlight

Take them outside to bathe them in full sunlight is another popular way to charge your crystals.  You can do a full day of both sun and moon light too!


You can do any combination of these cleansing methods.  For example, I like to smudge them with sage, run them under water and then set them outside under sunlight and moonlight.