Retrograde Planets during October 2018

The common theme this year, astrologically, seems to be all these planets in retrograde.  We hear about Mercury Retrograde all the time, as it goes retrograde 3-4 times every year.  All planets do at certain times and for varying lengths of time.  When a planet “goes retrograde” it slows down and appears to be moving backwards in the solar system.  The technical science stuff isn’t my thing, but as an astrology lover, the emotional side of  what happens when planets go retrograde is a big deal.   For those of us who are really tuned into energy – it can affect A LOT! So what are the current retrograde planets during October 2018?

This summer,  six planets went retrograde at once. Whew! What a crazy time that was?!  I’m glad we’ve made it through all that.  But, this fall seems to be a little less intense continuation of this whole retrograde thing.  I just looked up the current planets that are retrograde for the month of October 2018.  Here’s the scoop what’s going on in the zodiac wheel.


Retrograde Planets During October 2018:

  • Venus – Retrograde until November 17, 2018 (currently in watery, intense Scorpio)
  • Uranus – Retrograde until January 1, 2019 (currently in grounded, stable Taurus)
  • Neptune – Retrograde until January 1, 2019 (in emotional, creative Pisces)

I’m going to write a separate post next on each of these retrograde planets, what it means and how it may affect you.