Sacral chakra healing

Your Sacral chakra regulates your emotions, creativity, sexual expression and your feminine energy.  Sacral chakra healing can be some of the most deep and beneficial work you can do for yourself.  Here’s some more information to get you started on your sacral chakra healing journey.

Where is your Sacral chakra located

Your Sacral chakra is located about 2″ below your belly button or naval.  The color is orange.  When open and moving freely, your sacral chakra emits a warm energy.  Picture it as a glowing ball of orange radiant light.

Sacral Chakra Healing


Life aspects housed in your Sacral chakra

In your Sacral chakra you express yourself.  Your ability to express and let your emotions go, the creative energy that flows through you and how you express yourself in intimate or sexual relationships lives here.  When your sacral chakra is open, it’s radiating warm, divine feminine energy that makes you very attractive energetically to others.


Reasons your Sacral chakra may be clogged

Your sacral chakra forms when you’re about 2-4 years old.  Old pent up emotional baggage gets stored here.  People who told you to dim your light and not be so creative or emotional caused blockages.  Also, if at any time in your life you’ve experienced emotional or sexual abuse or trauma, it forms a deep blockage in your sacral chakra.  Many times people with excess belly fat are suffering from emotional wounds in their sacral chakra.  By discovering where these issues are housed you can now turn your focus to sacral chakra healing.


Sacral chakra healing tips

When it comes to sacral chakra healing, it may be the most intense inner work you need to do.  Depending on how much emotional baggage and / or abuse you’ve suffered, this work can take months or years to unfold.  But each layer you peel back and release will make you feel lighter, more free and happier.  It’s tough work, but it is SO worth the investment in yourself!

Journaling is probably the best technique I’ve found for sacral chakra work.  In order to peel back the layers and release them, you’ll need to bring the darkness up to the light to be transformed.  By writing out your feelings in a journal it will allow you to uncover and release each little thing as it comes up for you.

Inner child work or working with your subpersonalities in meditation is extremely beneficial in sacral chakra healing work.

Sometimes talking through your emotions with a trusted friend can also be very helpful in releasing old emotions. When situations originally occured that caused you emotional pain you were a different person back then.  Revisiting them from your grown, more evolved self can help.  Looking back and seeing that you did your best at the time with what you had is often all that’s needed to let stuff go.

Even though it can be tough work at times, remember, that every piece of baggage you release is one you no longer have to carry!

A huge bonus to doing this type of work is that you learn to stop the bleeding.  Once you know how much carrying this baggage has hurt you in the past, you stop picking up new baggage.  You’ll learn to process things as they come up and let them go.

Be more sensuous

Sensuality and sex can be great for your sacral chakra too!  The key take your awareness out of your head (with a thousand thoughts racing per minute) and put your attention in your lower region.  Practicing the art of connecting with your sensuality and using your five senses to experience pleasure is very healing and empowering.  You can savor the taste of a piece of chocolate. Look at beautiful scenery or images. Feel the sensation of touch on your skin.  Listen to beautiful music. Smell the aroma of your favorite perfume or flowers.  The key is to get out of your head and into your body to genuinely appreciate with your senses. Sensuality is a form of art to be enjoyed on the path of self love and wholeness.

Mantras for the Sacral Chakra

Saying mantras during meditation can help you with Sacral chakra healing.  Try saying things like “I allow myself to fully express my emotions and then let them go”, “I let go of anything that no longer serves me”, “I am free!”, “Creativity flows through me daily”, “I am creative”, “I radiate my beautiful feminine energy to the world”. When you regularly work with your sacral chakra and focus on being aware of it, opening it and clearing it, your sacral chakra will become more peaceful and will lighten up your load as you journey through life.

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