Solar Plexus chakra healing

,Your Solar Plexus chakra is also called your Power Center.  It generates your confidence, belief in yourself, will power, ambition and desire to take action and go after your goals.  Solar Plexus chakra healing is life changing because it can quickly propel you forward.  Here’s some more information to get you started on your solar plexus chakra healing journey.

Where is your Solar Plexus chakra located

Your Solar Plexus is located about 2″ above your belly button in the center of your stomach.  The color is yellow.  When open and expanded, your solar plexus chakra radiates your light to the world.  Picture it as a tiny version of the sun burning inside you.

Solar plexus chakra healing


Life aspects housed in your Solar Plexus chakra

Your solar plexus gives you the drive and confidence to create the life you want.  It houses your confidence, ambition, will power and belief in yourself that you can achieve success at whatever you set your mind to.  When your solar plexus chakra is open, it shines your light out to the world.


Solar Plexus chakra issues

People who try to control you cause issues here.  Power struggles with a controlling parent or spouse are often the case here.  Low self-esteem stemming from issues in your sacral chakra are also a big factor in dimming your personal power.  Every time you’ve gotten down on yourself and said you can’t do something, it dims your light.  You can now turn your focus to solar plexus chakra healing. Whether someone else beat you down or you did it to yourself with negative thoughts, you can unblock that and take back your power!


Solar Plexus chakra healing tips

One of the easiest ways to work with your solar plexus that I’ve found is to use the sun’s energy for healing.  Stand facing the sun, close your eyes, and imagine the sun’s rays connecting with you and energizing your solar plexus. Say empowering mantras like “I can”, “I’ve got this!”, “Yes, I can do it!”, “I’m the star in my own life” or anything that makes you feel more confident and powerful.


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