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Third Eye chakra

Your Third Eye chakra is the magical gateway to your intuition, your psychic senses and your dreams.  Often it’s called your Mind’s Eye.  Here’s some more information to get you started on your journey to opening your third eye.

Where is your Third Eye chakra located

Your Third Eye chakra is located in the center of your forehead, between your eyebrows.  You can imagine it like a large mystical eye opening if you wish.  The color of this chakra is a dark indigo blue.

third eye chakra opening


Life aspects housed in your Third Eye chakra

Your intuition and ability to connect with your inner guidance system is located in your third eye.  When you close your eyes and are able to see images in your mind, you’re using your third eye.  Everyone has this ability.  Everyone has psychic senses, but unfortunately not everyone taps into their power.  As you dream at night, you’re doing so through your third eye too.  If you’ve been practicing meditation or connecting with your spirit guides, you’re also using your third eye chakra.

I believe that your ears, as in the ability to hear messages from spirit, are also connected to your third eye.  As someone who hears messages in addition to seeing images, I think the two are connected and one in the same.  So if you’re psychic senses are more auditory – working with your third eye chakra will help you with both senses.

Cultures all across the world and back thousands of years all know the power of the mind’s eye.  Often you’ll see images of Hindu or Egyptian goddesses with a visible third eye on their forehead.  From Native Americans to Celtic traditions, Buddhists – they all believe in and have honored the power of the third eye, though each refers to it by a different name.

Reasons your Third chakra may be closed

Children are born with a wide open third eye, which is why they’re so imaginative and free.  It’s also why so many kids have psychic gifts.  Sadly, as we start to grow the outside world and programming from the world around us tends to close it up.  In his book The Four Agreements, author don Miguel Luiz refers to this dimming of our light as “domestication”.  If you’re interested in shutting off the programs you picked up from your parents, teachers, peers and experiences and returning to your best self, I highly recommend his book.

Unlike the lower chakras (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart & Throat) your Third Eye and Crown chakras don’t usually have blockages or emotional baggage to clear.  Typically it’s a matter of them just not being fully opened yet.  The path of spiritual enlightenment is the journey to opening your third eye and crown as you step into your authentic beautiful soul.

If you feel like you’ve been ridiculed or told to stop using your intuition, you may have some healing to do around that.  But for the most part, you can just lean into a new daily practice of opening your third eye through meditation.

Third Eye chakra opening tips

The most effective way I’ve found for opening your third eye is to close your eyes, imagine a large beautiful eye on your forehead, and imagine opening the eyelid until you can see inside your mind’s eye.  Hold your attention there as long as you can, and see what images you see.

Basically that’s all meditation is (at least the way I do it, lol).  This is a daily practice that will build and expand over time.  Maybe in the beginning you can only go there for a few seconds, but with practice, you’ll be able to hold your attention long enough to go on amazing journeys with your spirit guides.  Guided meditation tracks are perfect for opening your third eye!  The third eye is where shamanic journeying takes place.  It’s where I receive all of my spirit animal messages too.

Relax and have fun with it!  Opening your third eye is a beautiful gift.

Mantras for the Third Eye Chakra

Here are a few mantras that work well for throat chakra healing:

  • “I see through my mind’s eye”
  • “My spirit guides are always here to support me”
  • “Beautiful visions play out in my mind”
  • “My third eye is always open”
  • “I see”

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