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What is self care?

Self care seems to be a buzz word these days.  Marketers have been latching onto the word to sell luxury items to you, but what is self care really?

I’ve recently had a big aha moment about self-care.  My entire life I’ve struggled with it.  But recently, with the energy of the new year things have started flowing in all the right directions for me and self-care finally became clear.  It’s not all about getting pedicures, eating a Pinterest worthy vegan diet or buying myself expensive things.  No!  Self-care is protecting yourself from the things that bother you and creating peace and joy for yourself in your daily life through your habits.  It’s about clearing things out of your way that cause you stress.  It’s taking time to connect with yourself and ask what you need most right now.  It’s changing little things about your daily habits to move towards your best life.

What self care is not:

  • Spending money on expensive things just to impress people is not self care.
  • Self care is not about buying hundreds of dollars worth of beauty products
  • It’s not all about candle lit bubble baths and booking massages
  • Certainly it’s not about adding a bunch of new things into your life to make you feel like you’ve got your shit together

What is self care then?

At it’s core, self care is making yourself happier and more peaceful by doing things like:

  • Getting your house clean and keeping it that way daily so clutter no longer stresses you out
  • Spending 5 minutes to meditate when you first wake up to start your day with peace
  • Drinking chamomile tea to soothe you when you’re stressed
  • Cleaning out your closet and getting rid of anything you don’t feel pretty wearing
  • Saying no to something you don’t want to do
  • Taking a sea salt bath to pull toxins out of your body
  • Allowing someone to do something nice for you, especially if delegating is hard for you
  • Preparing yourself your favorite meal to enjoy
  • Reading your favorite book
  • Lighting candles to create some ambiance in your home

A lot of the posts on this blog are going to offer you tips on self-care, this is just a general overview.  Decide what is self care for YOU.  Then start making small daily choices to bring more peace and happiness into your life.  When you lean into self care your entire life will change for the better!