Throat chakra healing

Your Throat chakra is the gateway to the information you share with the world.  Throat chakra healing is about unblocking barriers to you being able to speak up for yourself, offer your wisdom and guidance and set boundaries to protect yourself.  Here’s some more information to get you started on your throat chakra healing journey.

Where is your Throat chakra located

Your Throat chakra is located in your neck.  The color is turquoise blue.  A warm energy sparkling light blue energy flows from an open throat chakra. When you tune into your throat, you can sometimes feel a ball of energy that seems to sit in front of your neck.

throat chakra healing


Life aspects housed in your Throat chakra

Through your Throat chakra,  You’re able to speak from your mind and heart.  Here, you share your wisdom and lessons you’ve learned through your life experience.  It’s also where you set boundaries to protect your sense of peace and joy.  The ability to say no to requests that you don’t wish to take on, to ask for help when you need it, and to speak up for yourself come from your throat chakra.  Your ability to speak, teach, guide and write also lives here.  When your throat chakra is open, you share your authentic voice open and freely.


Reasons your Throat chakra may be clogged

Your throat chakra can be shut down as a child if you were told things like “children are to be seen and not heard”, “your wrong” or “shut up” often. When we don’t feel heard or that our opinions don’t have value, it hurts your throat chakra, causing blockages in it or for it to close up.  People who have been involved with a controlling parent or spouse often have throat chakra issues also linked to solar plexus power issues.

The throat chakra is also one that can be too open or active.  If you struggle with talking to much, not knowing when to stop talking, yelling or screaming alot, or engaging in gossip, your throat chakra may need to be cleared and balanced.  Your throat chakra may be overshadowing the balance of your other chakras, which can make you feel out of balance or anxious.

By discovering where these issues are housed you can now turn your focus to throat chakra healing.


Throat chakra healing tips

Opening and clearing your throat chakra can be done in many different ways.  Here are some ideas for you to try:

  • Use your time alone in the car to clear it out.  Is there something making you so angry but you’re having trouble expressing it?  When you’re all alone in the car, let it out – yell, scream, cry – do whatever you need to release those words and emotions.  As with all frustrating emotions, it’s better out than in!
  • Practice meditating while using the “Om” mantra.  By pushing the dull, low tone of “Om” through your voice, it helps clear you throat chakra.
  • Sing!  When you use your voice, you’re clearing the energy in your throat.
  • Say no.  Practice the art of saying no to some little things that you don’t want to do.  Gradually, you’ll work your way up to setting bigger boundaries.
  • Drink soothing chamomile tea.  It’s good for your throat and calms you.  As you drink, imagine the herbs healing your throat chakra.
  • Journal – the act of writing out your thoughts is connected to your throat chakra.  You could also read your thoughts that you wrote out loud which would be even more beneficial.
  • Ask for what you need.  Pick something small and ask a trusted friend, family member or your spouse for it.  Delegating can be so difficult for some of us.  But over time, if you start with small things and make it a practice, you can gain the valuable support you really need.

Mantras for the Throat Chakra

Here are a few mantras that work well for throat chakra healing:

  • “I speak my truth”
  • “My voice has value”
  • “I share my wisdom and guidance”
  • “No one else’s opinion is more valuable than mine”
  • “Saying no to things I don’t want to do is part of my self care”

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